The beginning.


This is the first article I've written in quite some time, and I must admit that it feels a bit strange to get back to it, but somehow it also made me remember what I liked about it, back in the day while I was 'blogging' (blogspot anyone ? it was the thing and pretty much the only platform available at that time).

I don't really know how much I will post on here, nor what type of content, but I guess that it will be mostly things that inspire me or practical stuff that has helped me in my day-to-day life that I want to share on my little corner of the internet. Anyway I'm starting of this blog with some architecture, truth to be told, I love interior design as much as I love fashion.

I'm not gonna share something super original, you might have already heard about it, but honestly, how cool is this ? Love the vibe.


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Let's close this article with some music shall we ? I've discovered this band thanks to an online radio called Radio Meuh (good stuff, NO adds pretty cool right ?)

I started listening to their music, I love everything about it... You can buy their albums here.

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